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GAMSAT 2015 will be held on Saturday 21 March 2015. This will be the only opportunity to sit GAMSAT Australia in 2015.

GAMSAT 2015 registrations opened in early November 2014. The fee to sit GAMSAT 2015 is AUD$455.

Registrations closed at 5.00pm AEDT 1 February 2015. Late registrations closed at 5.00pm AEDT 11 February 2015. No applications for registration will be accepted after this date under any circumstances.

Candidates must download and read the Information Booklet prior to registering.

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ACER reviewed the events that took place during the sitting of GAMSAT on Saturday 21 March 2015.
Due to errors in the printing of some GAMSAT Section 1 test booklets at the ACER GAMSAT test centre at Canterbury Park in Sydney and a timing issue at ACER GAMSAT test centre at the Undercroft in Perth, ACER is offering GAMSAT candidates who received a faulty GAMSAT Section 1 test booklet at Canterbury Park and candidates who sat at the Undercroft the opportunity to re-sit GAMSAT 2015.
The Alternative Test will be held at one centre in Sydney and one in Perth on Saturday 11 April.
The GAMSAT Alternative Test is a different test to the 21 March 2015 GAMSAT test. The results of the Alternative Test will be equated to those of the 21 March GAMSAT test. This is the same process that is used  to enable candidates to use a score from the previous year's GAMSAT test, or a score from GAMSAT UK, for admission to graduate programs at Australian universities, for which GAMSAT is required.

The April 11 2015 GAMSAT Alternative Test sitting is only available to candidates affected by booklets with printing errors at Canterbury Park in Sydney and candidates affected by a timing issue at the Undercroft in Perth. ACER is contacting all the affected candidates. Scores for the 21 March GAMSAT test will not be processed for all affected candidates choosing to sit the Alternative Test. All other candidates are ineligible to sit the Alternative Test. This includes candidates who, for whatever reason, were not able to attend the 21 March 2015 GAMSAT sitting.
To ensure that no candidate is disadvantaged, any questions affected by the misprinted Section 1 booklets will not be included in the scoring process  for ALL candidates who sat the GAMSAT exam on 21 March. Questions 14 – 21 and 62 – 66 in Section 1 and questions 14 – 17 and 100 – 102 in Section 3 will be removed from the scoring process. Questions 14 – 21 in Section 1 were trial questions and as indicated on page 5 of the GAMSAT 2015 Information Booklet, each GAMSAT exam contains trial questions that are not scored.

Eligible candidates wishing to sit the Alternative Test on 11 April 2015, should email the ACER office by close of business Tuesday 31 March 2015. An email confirmation will be sent to eligible candidates by close of business the next business day.
ACER apologises for the inconvenience.

Registrations for GAMSAT Australia and GAMSAT Ireland on 21 March 2015 are closed.

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