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GAMSAT UK 2015 was held on 9 September 2015. This was the only opportunity to sit GAMSAT UK in 2015.

GAMSAT UK 2015 registrations opened in late May 2015. The fee to sit GAMSAT UK 2015 was £237.50

Standard registrations closed at Midnight BST 31 July 2015. Late registrations closed at Midnight BST 10 August 2015. No further registrations were accepted after this date.

Candidates should download and read the GAMSAT UK Information Booklet prior to registering.

Access your 2014 and 2015 GAMSAT UK results.

Latest news

GAMSAT UK 2015 results have been released

GAMSAT UK 2015 results are now available for download from your account.

Registrations for GAMSAT in March 2016 are open now!

To register you need to create an account.

Information Booklet 2016

The Information Booklets for GAMSAT Australia 2016 and GAMSAT Ireland 2016 are now available.